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Tree braids are a protective hairstyle. You may have heard also as invisible braids. How is this technique works? The main idea is that you do not actually see the braids. The only thing that is going to be visible to the client is the end of the extensions that have been installed into the braid. The main reason for a woman to choose tree braids is that is more timeless, comparing to other techniques, as box braids. Something that women love in tree braids it the flexibility to style the hair that left out however they want. Our experts hair specialists in tree braid in North York are always available to give to your hair a fresh look!

tree braid in north york

Installation and Style Ideas

First of all, let’s see what options you have regarding the kind of human hair is going to be used. Among our clients, the most common choice are the straight hair, but a lot of women also choose wet or wavy hair. The techniques applied by our staff is simple; first parts the hair and installs the hair extension using the braiding technique. The method is continued all around the hair. Finally, oil sheen is being sprayed for shine.

Furthermore, let’s explore the different options the clients have regarding ways to wear tree braid styles:

  • Straight tree braids: Go bone straight. With this style hair tends to have a finer and thinner look. Our hair experts suggesting the use of two packs of hair instead of one, in order to create a fuller look.
  • Curly tree braid bob with ombre: If you wish to see your tree braid style colored, you just have to buy a pack of colored hair. There are also length options; either you choose the length you want our expert to cut your hair or buy the hair at the length you want.

If you want to learn more about tree braid technique, you just have to give us a call at (416) 566-7269 or fill the form below. Our experts in tree braid in North York are always available!